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Berger 64740 Hand Saw & Scabbard 24cm

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BERGER pruning saw with exchangeable high-performance saw blade made of hard chromium-plated carbon steel for a long life of the blade and protection against corrosion. The triple-ground and pulse-hardened tooth tips work only on train and slide with minimal resistance through the branch. This allows a precise, clean cut to minimize wound surfaces on the clippings and reduces the risk of infection by fungi or bacteria. Furthermore, thanks to the setting of the saw teeth, clamping of the saw during the cutting process is avoided. In addition, the hand-friendly handle and protective quiver ensure safe and comfortable working.

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Pull-stroke mechanism.

Replaceable straight blade (Japanese shape).

Hard chromium plated.

Impulse hardened tips.

Ergonomic handle.

Blade length 24cm.

7.5 teeth per 3cm.

Comes with scabbard.

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Weight 0.315 kg
Dimensions 11 × 2 × 45 cm



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