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Berger 4280 Lopping Shear Bypass 84cm

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The BERGER Megacutter pruning shears are equipped with a solid, high quality finished shear head made of forged quality steel and are designed for cutting diameters up to 50 mm. A precision-ground, replaceable blade with non-stick coating ensures maximum cutting performance. In the replaceable counterblade fixing notches are forged, which hold the clippings in the optimal cutting position and make it difficult to slipping. The inner sides of the blade and counterblade have a forged reservoir for easy distribution of oil within the cutting head, which can be supplied externally without dismantling the scissors. The 600 mm long, extremely stable handles are made of lightweight, high-strength aluminum with special plastic coating, which perfectly adapts to the hand and, together with the integrated stop damper, supports joint-gentle work. The maximum opening angle of 90 ° in the grip area ensures optimum power transmission. The lopper made in Germany has been awarded the GS mark for tested safety and the KwF professional seal for ideal use in the forestry sector.

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50mm cut.

Forged and replaceable blade and counter-blade.

Counter-blade with branch fixing notches and sap groove.

Shock absorber with cushion.

High grade aluminium tube with non-slip and comfortable grip hand guard.


Length 83cm.

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Weight 1.73 kg
Dimensions 29 × 2.5 × 83 cm



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